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What is a Gratitude Journal and Why Do I Need One?

Let me start by asking you a question

Are you completely happy with the way your life is going right now?

Are you totally happy with every aspect from your worklife? Your home life? Your relationships (all of them including family, partner, work colleagues, friends and acquaintances)? Your finances? Your social life? Are there some aspects of any area that you wish to change? Then starting to journal and create a daily gratitude practice is a must.

Food for Thought

Changing your inner self-talk is also a must.

Do you talk to yourself the same way that you talk to others? Are you kind to yourself or do you berate yourself for not doing things, for getting things wrong and not knowing things? Do you have expectations from yourself that you wouldn't expect from others? Are you nasty, do you call yourself stupid or forgetful or useless? Then it's time to change that too. How can you expect others to love you and treat you well if you don't do that for yourself? Grab yourself a journal and start writing, work through the guided exercises and watch how your life changes.

Believing in a New You and a Life that you Want

Creating 'Gratitude as an Attitude'

Good days start with gratitude: from a place of gratitude you can create days that you truly love and what to have. Shifting your focus can change your life, as life shifts to where most of your thoughts are; it brings positivity into everything you do. Once you start writing you’ll realise just how much you have to be grateful for and just how much you have taken for granted.

Define your next decade, always be choosing

When you don't choose, it's also a choice and this is not the best use of your power, you are choosing to let life be and it will happen to you instead of for you.


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