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The most important investment is in yourself - Warren Buffet

Change your thoughts, change your life

Are you feeling overwhelmed in these challenging times and frustrated with the way your thoughts are going?

Fed up or disappointed with life?

Caught up in thinking about where your life should be now?

Feeling empty or that your life should be better in some way?

Are you always thinking there’s something better out there and that you’re being left behind?


Well what if I could tell you that in just 15-20 minutes a day you could change your entire outlook on life?

That you could feel more fulfilled and excited about your life?


Would you be interested? Would you want to learn how?

FREE - 5 Day Journaling Focus

Take the challenge to start focusing your mind on thoughts that will support you more. Learn what it takes and what the guidelines are for gaining a supportive gratitude and daily journaling practice.

Challenges run regularly, please click the links to find out more

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Journaling Courses
Journaling Courses
Journaling Workshop

Master the Magic of Journaling - 30 day program

Join me in a deep dive into creating your individual success ritual based on YOUR life, what YOU really want and how YOU really want to feel. Come and explore the magic of consistent gratitude and journaling through my fully supported 6-month online program.  Giving you the perfect outlet to express yourself in these challenging times and create your own framework for a better life.


I will guide and teach you how to create a positive and supportive journaling habit that will support you throughout the rest of your life, wherever it will take you.

During the program just some of the things we look at are:

Daily gratitude and journaling

The default mindset

Creating habits and setting intentions


Your style and choosing something that's right for you

Dealing with resistance and overwhelm

Packed with insights, tips and learning, to create a consistent habit

Special guests and mastermind sessions

Group support



The 6 Month Journey

For those that want more; more support and guidance, more work on themselves, more mindset transformation and more from life!


You can do the 30 day program first or jump straight in, whichever way you join, you'll be fully supported along your 6 month transformational journey.


£97 per month - charged monthly - click the subscribe button

£497 pay in full (save £85) - click the Buy Now button


Free downloadable version of my journal

6 x Printed journals at 25% off – your first one free, delivered directly to you

My Awesome Life bespoke pen

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Secrets to Mastering the Magic of Journaling

2 Day Workshop

During this 2-day event I take you on a deep dive into my inner secrets for creating journaling magic. I share with you my secrets of consistent gratitude to create greater happiness and more positive emotions more of the time. I help you shift your focus and reframe your thoughts.

We take a trip through my journal, covering each section in detail. We have time to work on you and what journaling means to you, time for all your questions. Time for connections and laughter. Time to start creating your Awesome Life!


We cover topics such as how to overcome resistance, how to become consistent, the proven benefits of why and how journaling changes the way your brain works, different types of journaling and much, much more.


With some amazing special guest speakers hand-picked to help you get the most out of your day. Topping it off with gorgeous surroundings set in a beautiful barn in the Hampshire countryside, it’s an essential event in your gratitude journey. Life will never be the same again!


This 2-day event compliments my 30 day and 6-month programmes above, although it is helpful to be on that journey or have completed it, it is not essential prior to attending.

Given the current global situation, it is unclear at present when this will run. Please sign up the mailing list to keep updated, subscribe box below.

My wish for you is to find that writing in your gratitude and daily journal every day will change your life.