About Me

My enthusiasm for being outside, walking through our gorgeous countryside and taking photos on the way has always been something of an escape for me. I just love being so completely absorbed in my walking and getting that fabulous shot, experimenting with angles, looking for the 'uncommon' view and interpretation of what I'm seeing. Taking in the beautiful scenery, whatever the weather! (having a dog helps, as you do have to go out.) There is something profoundly satisfying having roamed the local countryside, hills and downs when you stop to review the images captured and relive that open, free feeling for which I am deeply grateful.

I've always had an 'odd' view on life, or rather perhaps most other people view me as odd, or just not the same as them. I've always had different views, values and ethics and never been one to follow the crowd. I've always been the odd one out, but I consider that my strength and a blessing. I love the way my brain works. I love making a difference by being the difference. Perhaps that's why I've always attracted people who wish to change how they think, who want to know what I think and how I would do things and how they can change and get a different result.

Nikie Piper



My wish for you is to find that writing in your gratitude and daily journal every day will change your life.

I created these journals after spending a number of years not being able to find one that was just right for me, getting frustrated that nothing fitted with what and how I wanted to journal, so I decided to make my own. I was also looking for an outlet for my photography. I enjoyed roaming our gorgeous countryside and when I had returned from my daily roaming I would post my photos and words of wisdom or insights that I hoped would help others. My feedback grew and grew and I found myself saying 'if only I could make a living from walking, taking photos and helping people every day, that's what I would do!' Little did I know. As they say be careful what you wish for, you may just get it. This is why I really do believe that changing your thoughts can really change your life.

My journals are singularly but will also available monthly on subscription shortly.

You can choose a seasonal subscription, meaning that for each of the fours seasons of the year you get three different journals, each one relating to that month and season.

There is also the option to have each season extended to last a whole year, so if you're particularly fond of a certain time of year you can have your journals focussed on that season. As an example, if you're favourite season is Spring you could opt to have the yearly Spring Collection, a 12 month set of Spring focussed photography and background images to inspire your mind while you create your life through journalling and gratitude. Each season is available as a yearly collection.

I'm always open to feedback and content suggestions, so do drop me a line



Nikie is an International Amazon No1 best selling author, contributing to two books